3D Wire 2014: Gamification’s Results

3DWgam 1Last November 29th V Gamification Spain Meetup took place at Centro de Innovación BBVA.

Flavio Escribano GECON I+D+i responsible presented the report of 3D Wire Market gamification’s results. Jose Luis Farias, 3D Wire’s director also attended to the meeting.

We want to thank GECON, Fundación Iberoamericana del Conocimiento, for all their work in this wonderful experience which definitely will have second part in the forthcoming edition of 3D Wire.


Why Gamify 3D Wire?

3DWgam 3

3DWire is an annual international event created and organized by Paramotion Films, a production company. The event is held in Segovia (Spain) and is geared towards animation and digital audiovisual production (New Media, ICT and Videogames), bringing together lots of professionals, both national and international.

Paramotion Films requested GECON.ES the creation of the first Gamified experience for 3DWire, defining two main objectives:

  1. To attract attendees to less frequented areas of the event.
  2. To promote networking between attendees.

On the other hand GECON.ES defined other research objectives related to the Gamification of social places like congresses:

  1. To study the fun factor as a dynamization element and as a facilitator of goal attainment in this area of application.
  2. To study the segmentation and habits of event attendees.

The methodology used in-house tools and knowledge as well as other frameworks, highlighting the Gamification Model Canvas (in its GameOn! Toolkit format) by Sergio Jiménez Arenas.

  • We designed 8 Quests covering organization’s objectives. These quests allowed us to profile attendees by the means of a character sheet –the Gamified accreditation– and were distributed spatially and linked to the event agenda.
  • Among others, these quests involved exploration, altruism and achievementdynamics, all of it garnished in 8bit fantasy style with two rivaled factions: ElfCubes and OrkCubes, that drove the event’s storytelling.
  • Finally, we designed a data collecting system to get meaningful statistics of the event. We did an inventory of all Gamification components –all of them analog-, counting the number of coins, badges and the rest of stickers so to characterize and understand the event dynamics and attendees’ behavior (those that decided to gamify their experience).


Benefits of Gamification for both attendees and the production team.3DWgam 4

Thanks to 3D Wire we have been able to experiment how the proposed Gamification has enhanced the experience and overall satisfaction of the event for both participants and organizers.

Improvement of assistance to various program events. In this experience we improved assistance to less frequented areas in previous editions, but we believe that the Gamification can also improve attendance at events that happen in bad timings (eg lectures early in the morning).

Improved interaction between the attendees and participants exhibiting in showrooms or other types of space / POIs.

Improved networking among attendees. We have verified how Gamification facilitates introductions and cooperation, either by creating a playful state that predisposes to socialize or that by means of elements like the gamified accreditation helps attendees to break the ice.

Improved media coverage, either in social networks, TV or radio. Gamification, thanks to its innovative look and transversality of its application, creates excitement and interest in the media as well as fun/significant situations that are easily shareable by participants themselves in their own social networks.

Added fun to the event. Although Gamification doesn’t transform the event into a game, playful element remains one of the great aspects that enhance the experience. In this sense Gamification generates fun facilitating the benefits mentioned above and adding a substantial increase in attendee loyalty.

Encourages the production team by including them in a meta-narrative and interaction layer above the production of a conventional event that keeps them motivated.


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