3D WIRE Gamification

gamificacion_foto internaLast year the International Animation, Videogames and New Media 3D Wire and GECON Foundation pioneered the use of Gamification at an event for professionals of animation and video games. The gamification has been defined as the way of including elements of games into non-game spaces: the workplace, marketing, education, sales, sport, etc.

The published results showed that Gamification brought widespread benefits to the events: networking, attendance, media coverage and of course fun!

Therefore, as part of the pioneering nature of 3D Wire and in collaboration with GECON Foundation, this year we will raise the level of gamification introducing new adventures that will enhance the overall experience of the event.

3D Wire wants the experience of going to the event to turn into a very special and enjoyable adventure that involves all of us and lets the participants get to know each other, exchange and collaborate proactively in their ideas, knowledge and projects. So not only will gamification put new energy into the event, but it also will create new behaviors in order to enrich the experience for the participants and the event’s results.

To celebrate the second edition of 3D Wire gamification, we will embark on new Epic RPG adventures like those that marked the childhood of many of us.

We will reveal more news and surprises 3D Wire Gamificado in the coming weeks.


We are looking for volunteers interested in participating in the great experience of #3dwire #gamification. Get in contact with us at info@mercado3dwire.es with your data and contact pone before September 14th, indicating which days you could collaborate (They are 8, 9, 10 and 11 October)

Volunteering will get you a free accreditation and maintenance for the entire event, plus an exclusive super-cool T-Shirt!


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