Polish companies attendees at 3D Wire 2015


Animoon is an animation studio founded on the passion for animating of its initiator, Grzegorz Waclawek. Though young, he is an experienced producer and author, as well as director of animated films. Animoon aims at following the tradition of author’s animation in the Polish Cinema and promoting the works of young and distinguished animators. Apart from producing author’s films, they provide animation for commerce, such as animated series and animated feature films. They produce animations both for young ones and adults. They develop their own technologies, e.g. ‘Pelican Capture’ – the motion capture for an animated puppet. Working on the animated feature film ‘Fennec’, we use our own technique of manual modelling for the characters and scenery, 3D scanning as well as computer animation. Their techniques allow up to 40% savings in production costs. They do not divide films into artistic and commercial, but into good and bad ones.


Established in 2008 Dash Dot Creations is an animation and graphic design studio based in Wroclaw that provides services in the field of graphic design and animation for the purposes of advertising, games, multimedia presentations and special effects. The Dash Dot crew has a vast experience in working on dozens of projects made in Poland and in cooperation with international partners – both in the field of concept creation as well as its visual execution. Passion, vision, creativity and aspiration to achieve the best quality. The great involvement in each project help the Dash Dot team to face every challenge, which they consider not only as work but also as an adventure.


Grupa Smacznego is a thriving animation studio and production company, founded in 2004 by producer Robert Jaszczurowski and directors Lukasz Kacprowicz and Marcin Wasilewski. Together they are responsible for numerous animated projects, both commercial and artistic, including Paul Shuttleworth´s ‘Harry and Toto’ (2008), a TV series for BBC Worldwide; the award –winning ‘Mami Fatale’ (2012), an original TV series syndicated in multiple territories; and the 3D short ‘Lost Senses’ (2013) which received the Jury Award at SIGGRAPH 2013.


A rising star in the burgeoning field of animation” (Variety)

Human Ark is a digital animation studio specializing in 3D character animation and complex visual effects. They create animated feature films, short films and TV series as well as VFX for commercial and films productions. The studio employs a well-composed team of more than specialists and has become a hub for Poland´s best animation and concept artists. Creative director Wojtek Wawszczyk previously worked for Digital Domain in L.A. and Prana Studios in Mumbai. Human Ark´s highly efficient workflow guarantees top quality work delivered within an optimized schedule. In the past 4 years Human Ark has created more than 150 commercials for leading advertising agencies. A growing part of the company´s activities is service work for international productions.


Platige is a creative studio specializing in designing CG imagery, 3D animation, and digital special effects. Platige, combines film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment. The company attracts and creates revolutionary ideas and innovations. The Platige team is comprised of 150 professionals: directors, art directors, graphic designers and producers. Its staff is very passionate about storytelling, and that is why the company constantly seeks out new and original ways to shape narratives and experiment with new media. The studio has been internationally recognized with over 200 awards and honors: animated shorts produced by Platige Image received the Main Prize at the SIGGRAPH festival four times, and have also received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award. The studio was also nominated for an Oscar, the Golden Palm at Cannes and the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


Momakin is a young distribution company that specializes in distribution of outstanding animated films (short, feature-length, TV series) from all over the world. Established in Lodz, the third biggest city in the very heart of Poland, by four ambitious and passionate women with years of experience in the film industry, it distributes animated movies to theaters, art houses, TV broadcasters and media platforms. Its main market is Poland, a 40-million-population country.

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